Frequently asked questions

Where can I make use of WIFI.IN.UA service?

You may find coverage area of WIFI.IN.UA in Coverage section. Information on hot spots location is presented either in the form of marks on the map or in the form of a list. Also it is possible to choose objects of interest, serviced by WIFI.IN.UA with the help of by-segment filter.

How can I pay for a service?

This is described on the web-site in How does it work section.
Let us remind that you may pay on-line at WIFI.IN.UA via CoPAYCo services (for holders of Visa, Mastercard) and Webmoney – follow the procedure, or off-line via QIWI, 24NonStop, iBox payment terminals using User identification code, specified in your Profile. Every registered user has his Profile.
Attention! These payment systems only credit money to your personal account; this may be done in advance anywhere else over the Internet. You should remove restrictions and activate full access directly on the hot spot.

How can I check balance on my personal account?

You may check balance of your personal account in your Profile, which can be accessed after logging in on the web-site, i.e. enter your login or password or enter via any social network available on the website.

What shall I do to arrange WIFI.IN.UA zone at the area of interest?

Ascertaining the technical capabilities requires some study. Please send a request via Feedback form (in menu item “Contacts”) with exact reference of a place and description of the object, we will process your request and reply as soon as possible.

I have recharged my personal account, but restrictions were not removed. I see ads, what shall I do?

Recharge of your personal account does not mean that restrictions are removed. You should select an available tariff package in your Profile and activate it.

I always see some pages in free user mode. How can I repair this?

This is not a problem, the system works so – in free user mode the user have to watch ads. There is nothing to do with this – TV shows ads too! Someone have to pay for this! If it disturbs you much, you may use paid mode, tariffs are quite affordable.

In free mode, the channel fails all the time when working with various network services, provided through separate applications, not the browser. For example, watching videos in Youtube, communication via Skype etc.?

In such a case the channel is disabled as it is time to watch ads. Why is it so – see previous question. And in our network it is possible to watch ads only in browser window. Thus when the channel is disable you should open the browser, click on any link or refresh the page and watch ads – then access to the Internet will be resumed … until the next demonstration of advertising.

I have low speed!

Wi-Fi technology works effectively in range of 100 meters from the access point at zero or minimum physical barriers. Currently our hot spots provide connection speed up to 54 Mbit/s.

Reason for low speed Elimination
You are at fringe area. Find out the place with a high-level signal
Interference of other wireless devices or electronic equipment, including other wireless networks Let us know of your problem through a feedback form, and we will radio channel at this place
Your device and / or Internet link are overloaded by execution of too much applications or malware Close unused applications and take action to clean your device form malicious programs. Make sure that automatic system or program update is not started at the moment.
You use inefficient or out-of-date software tools We do not recommend to use MS Internet Explorer as a Web-browser, it is better to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera
The server, from which you are trying to download data, is overloaded or the speed on it is restricted Visit this URL later
Downloading software indicates low speed This may be caused by the fact that such programs show speed in megabytes, while we expect in megabits per second. Thus the difference is 8 times.