WIFI.IN.UA - is the All-Ukrainian wireless network of free Internet access points via Wi-Fi technology, based on partner, mutually advantageous cooperation.

Partnership relationship may be established with telecommunication operators and providers, on the one part, and objects interested in arrangement of free Internet access on their territory, on the other part. This may be office, commercial, entertaining, exhibition centers, hotels, educational facilities, hospitals, state institutions, sporting clubs, restaurants, cafes and may others.

Every of the abovementioned parties will benefit from such cooperation.

Telecommunication operators and providers, becoming project partner, have the opportunity to develop a new service in their region, having huge user interest and prospects for further development. It is based on a reliable technical solution and carefully elaborated marketing program which allows to receive a guaranteed extra income without significant capital investment.

Objects, arranging on their territory free Internet access areas with WIFI.IN.UA, have an opportunity to raise attendance, improve their image, gain access to project’s advertising resources.

ITNT company has developed and launched hot spot management system, having unique technical capabilities for commercial use. This technology knows no equals in Ukraine in terms of reliability, scalability, ease of operation and monitoring transparency of hot spots. It can be easily integrated into existing networks of operators and providers and supports high load of users on one hotspot.

From a marketing perspective there is a possibility to generate income directly from the provision of services as well as from viewing of advertising pages and commercials in free user mode.

We invite all interested parties to join WIFI.IN.UA project, earn additional income and contribute to early development of modern information society in Ukraine!


For more detailed information on cooperation you may contact us:
tel  +380 44 351 10 07 
fax  +380 44 351 10 03