How does it work?

WIFI.IN.UA is the All-Ukrainian wireless network of free Internet access points via Wi-Fi technology without traffic restriction. The service is available in two modes:

  • Free, with speed limit up to 1024 kbit/s
  • Without speed restriction at bargain price

To acquire free access to Internet you should:

  • Connect to wireless network (SSID)
  • Start Web-browser on the device. While attempting to connect to the Internet you will be redirected to network Web-site WIFI.IN.UA automatically.
  • You are connected to the Internet! Type the desired address at URL bar or chose the bookmark.

To remove speed restriction you should:

  • Register
  • Credit your personal account in any convenient way
  • Chose in your Profile available tariff package (lower or equal to the amount on your account).
  • Activate tariff package – after this speed restriction will be removed for the period corresponding to your tariff


Registration is necessary for users wishing to work in unrestricted mode. Every registered user will have its own Profile and User identification code, required for making payments in all available payment systems. You may register as follows:

  • Directly at our Web-site. Pressing Registration link you will be redirected to a special box, where registration data shall be filled.
  • Via social networks. If you are registered at social networks you may register and log in via Sign In. Such users will also have their Profile and User identification code as well as the same rights as mentioned above.


  • via payment terminals:
  • via WebMoney - instant online payment system:

Recharge of your personal account in any specified payment system is effectuated using your User identification code, , consisting of 7 figures and indicated in your Profile. It is advisable to record this code and use it for payments.

UNRESTRICTED MODE TARIFFS (to be chosen in your Profile)

TariffPackage time
1 UAH 2 hours
3 UAH 24 hours
45 UAH 1 month